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"Picking up the Pieces"

I went on a Self Discovery Expedition, in search of some priceless artifacts that were unknowingly forgotten, or selfishly left behind. Whatever the reasons that led me here really does not matter, But.... Subtle hints begin to creep into my subconscious, implementing gentle nudges of persuasion. In the mist of my confusion, or at least so I thought. I begin to realize that I must keep moving forward no matter what the cost. The path that was once hidden, was now being illuminated to enable me to see where I left off at, and where to begin picking up the Pieces.

Picking up the Pieces....Is one sure way to build a foundation on solid ground. A Guitar, or a Violin with broken strings, still can play a beautiful tune. Without picking up the Pieces.. You will never be able to complete the whole picture. There will always be essential things that are missing. Picking up the Pieces.... When everything that you ever thought the person you were, and everything you stood for is so scattered and in Disarray. You don't even know where to begin... But you know that you have to do something. You can't continue to go on like this, Something has to give.

The Internal conflict has begun to challenge your Resolve and you don't know how much more you can safely take. Picking up the Pieces... Putting GOD first is the only way to mend what is broken. It's like a Jigsaw puzzle, every piece serves a significant purpose. You just have to figure out where each piece fits. Every piece has it's own part of the story to tell. Picking up the Pieces...In your strength, even in your Self perceived brokenness....It's Only Yours if you claim it. Picking up the Pieces.... One person may only see opposition, where as someone else can clearly see an opportunity. Do not be afraid to follow the Yellow Brick Road!!! Where it may lead you to is still unknown, but it may very well lead you to discovering you are a Masterpiece!!, an American Original.

                      "Picking up the Pieces"

                                                        BY JAKI.

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