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"Perpetuating Cycles"

Have you ever just woke up one morning and subconsciously find yourself asking the question, How in the hell did I get here? If you were basing this unsettling feeling on your emotions alone, in truth you would probably say that nothing was wrong if someone were to ask. At least there is nothing you can put your finger on. To the best of your knowledge, you seem to be operating in the same energy as usual.

Well, My friend!!! That is the beginning of the problem. The bigger issue is that we don't see it as a problem. I really have been trying to figure this one out for myself. I understand that for every action there is a opposite equal reaction. What goes around comes around. For the sake of argument, we all can agree that is true. So then, Why is it so hard for us to distinguish what we know to be the Truth? Or accept it to be what it is? Instead we choose to Perpetuate Cycles in our lives, that we know should have been a thing of the past a long time ago. Just like a mice on a spinning reel... going no where fast.

Perpetuating Cycles.... Not realizing that every choice, or decision that you make, effects not just your life, but it also effects someone else's life, Rather directly or indirectly. Perpetuating Cycles... Living your life on repeat, as though you are stuck. Do you remember back in the day when 45's and LP'S were popular? Remember though! If it got a scratch it was ruined. You had to take proper care of it....It was vinyl, It scratched easy. Meaning it was too easy to get stuck. It's Counterproductive!! We've all heard the saying" You are going out the world Ass backwards. From where I am standing that is just another way to say Perpetuating a cycle.

I am very proud of my ability to display diplomacy when need be.... But this is not one of those moments. There is too much at stake. Open your eyes! Open your mind! Listen to your Spirit. Tap into your senses, What do you think GOD gave them to you for? It's really not a Hidden Secret, and it doesn't take a mental giant to figure it out. We all have been blessed with Common sense, Rather you choose to utilize it or not.... Well it seems like the jury is still out on that one. You are more than aware when you are spinning your wheels. Rather you can admit that to yourself is a Totally Different Conversation. Do you know what the confirmation is? When you start to feel stupid.... When you can't justify the Bullshit to yourself anymore.... That is your que to just STOP!!!

So....... What you need to understand is Perpetuating Cycles...Are just that. Perpetuating Cycles....To see what you have learned. Are you smart enough to see that something is a little remiss? Does any of the scenery seem familiar? Does the topic of story ring any bells? Are you even aware of the High Probability that you are, and have been on a Merry go round all along? Or have you been Asleep the whole time? Moving and Operating on Autopilot.

Come on People, We all must take Accountability for the choices that we are making. When you are riding on a rollercoaster, you have to get off once the ride is over. Otherwise you will be going for another spin. It can be exciting, and get your adrenaline to pumping, but in the end the reality is...... You are going in circles. It has to be a Conscious Decision to get off the Spin Cycle. Perpetuating Cycles.... The only thing that makes sense on repeat is Music.

                       'Perpetuating Cycles"

                                                             By JAKI.

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