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A state of mind that brings a calming sense of serenity, that somehow seems to elude the majority of us all. PEACE....Is it in being quiet,in the stillness of nothing but your own Inner thoughts? Sometimes, the Upheavals of life can have you screaming for PEACE.... Looking for a small glimpse of sunshine, that brings thoughts of happier times to your Spirit.

You find yourself no longer being able to be content with the Unnecessary Conversation, Insignificant Interactions.

The outside distractions that were designed to Impose upon your PEACE...... Can often times be mistaken for Boredom, instead of realizing that this is God's Grace allowing you PEACE.

PEACE..... Is another opportunity to take a closer look at your current circumstances from a centered and balanced place. So that you can gain a Clear Perspective. PEACE... It is a State of Mind that is Now, and Forever will be sought after. Discipline is not just an Attribute but Altitude that almost next to impossible for most people to reach. .

PEACE..... Will never Abide without an Unburdened Consciousness. You rely on your Intuition..... Your Knowing that Everything does not deserve your Energy. When something is out of your hands, It's out of your hands! You have to be Alright with that. GOD is the one that grants the gift of PEACE.... We do not get to decide When, or How, he distributes it to whom he chooses. 

We're not in control, No matter how much you would like to think that you are. PEACE.....Comes in letting Go. Beginning the Journey to finding and Protecting your PEACE....Starts with the FAITH and ACCEPTANCE of What will Be.... Will Be.




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