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Pause.... Take a good look around you, What do you see? Is it familiar surroundings that brings a sense of calm and peace? Or do you find yourself feeling like you have been trapped in some sort of maze. You find yourself asking "How in the hell did I wind up here.

Pause....It is so easy to allow Discord and Frustration to seep into your thoughts through your emotions. Instead of focusing on the Storm and the Chaos, pay Attention to what God is trying to show you. What is the lesson that He intends for you to learn.

Pause..... Stoping abruptly in your tracks is not an easy task.... But sometimes in life it is necessary. Pause.... The ability to step back and see the complete picture with a wider view. Pause... Sometimes we can move so fast, You can become too comfortable with"Fast Pace"... You will miss the subtle things....That will eventually become very loud.

Pause..... Take time to listen Intentively, with open ears receptive to try and gain understanding. What is GOD trying to tell US? Through Our Experiences and Challenges in life? Pause.... Remember when we were children, They told us to stop and look both ways before we crossed the street? That was to try and ensure Us not to get hit by a Car. Well look at the Irony of the story All these years later.... The Same Rule Applies.

When You Pause..... Many times than not, You have been saved from being Road Kill. GOD!!! Your Intuition!! Something just said Stop...Or do something else. Whatever the case You listened and You Paused.....

Pause.... Can, and it is A Powerful Mechanism and Mindset. It has the Power to create Positive and Negative Results at the same time. You must always remain Awaken and Grounded. So that you harness your Energy properly.... Because in the Event that You Do not.... Well then, There is the flip side of the Coin. You may just wake up one day and find yourself Stuck on PAUSE!!!!


                                                                                     By Jaki.

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