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"New Beginnings"


New Beginnings....As we embark upon a newly awaited year, With hope, and new aspirations. The anticipation of what the New Year has to offer brings an unexplainable excitement of what is yet to come. New Beginnings....A lot of people will have what some people call New Year Resolutions. That usually only turn out to be fake promises, fueled with good intentions.

New Beginnings....Is a chance to change your life, if you stay committed. New Beginnings....Is a journey that is not meant for the faint at heart. New Beginnings....It takes Faith, Power, and Resilience to not give up on You, and Your destiny. You keep striving for the Brass Ring....No matter how hard it gets. New Beginnings..... Grants Us All the ability to look back over all the choices that we have made throughout our lives. Some may not have been the best choices that we could have made. Well!!!.... We've All seen our share of Good and Bad days. That is nothing that should make you feel like hanging your head in shame. It help to cultivate Who You are today.

New Beginnings..... Everyone's yesterday hasn't been so pretty. Some memories are entangled with pain and sorrow. The burdens have been hard to carry. Your Soul is screaming for a change.

New Beginnings....Is a Rare Opportunity for the Most High GOD to help you to discover "Peace". New Beginnings.... Just reiterates the fact that often times it does take endings in your life. Although sometimes they may be very painful. Without Good and Bad days, How could you ever truly be thankful for the good days? You would not know what it was. You know why you are Grateful you got a second chance. GOD promised that when he closes one door, It is because He has already opened another one.

New Beginnings.....Is being granted the ability to see Gods promise come into fruition in your life. New Beginnings.... You will smile again from a Happy place, from the inside out. New Beginnings.... GOD will remain Loyal...... Will You? New Beginnings....No matter what your past may be, what your struggles are, Any door that GOD opens No Man can close. When GOD says it is time for Change. There Will be Change!!! What goes up must come down.

New Beginnings.....We have a Golden Opportunity to make a very Important Decision today. We all know what our past holds for us all. The promises of GOD brings New Beginnings..... for the Mysteries of what Tomorrow may bring.

New Beginnings..... The Restoration of Balance.

                                               "New Beginnings"

                                                                               By Jaki.

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