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Mourning..... Usually when you hear that word the first thought that comes to mind is grief, and some sort of loss. Unfortunately, you are absolutely correct. Mourning....Is a painful experience that sometimes there are no words that can describe how you feel.

Mourning.... Sometimes feel like you are being consumed in emotions that seem to be never ending like the open Sea.

Mourning.... Comes in so many different ways. We Mourn the loss of people, places, and things everyday. It's clear that the loss of someone that you love is an Indescribable type of pain. Rather it is permanent, Sadly even if it is not, It doesn't matter if it is a death or a breakup. The heart truly does not know the difference, It only knows that it feels a Great sense of loss, which in turn brings pain. The Heart loves....That is All it was ever designed to do.

In the midst of all of the chaos, I discovered something that has been so easily overlooked.

Mourning... As painful as the tears that you cry may be, They also carry a Healing Power that only can be found within your own soul. You remember the Old Saying... When you hit Rock Bottom, the only place left to go is up? No truer words have ever been spoken. Mourning....Gives you an Opportunity to cleanse your Soul. You are Wide open.... Broken!!! Open to Direction!!!

GOD, Now has the Opportunity to show you His True Healing Power.

Remembering the memories, looking back on everything that has happened over the course of your lifetime. All of the People, and Things that you have had to let go of, And All of the People Who let go of You.

Mourning....I think on many different levels, All of Us, Will Mourn for Who, and What we once had, And what we lost. Or wish that we had.... And Never Did. Everyone's Sense of Loss is Different.

Mourning.... The Loss of Anyone, or Anything that you loved from your Heart is Painful. Recovery is Hoped and Prayed for.... But that doesn't come with an Absolute Guarantee. But it is More than Possible. It's a journey...By taking one step at a time. In the Unfamiliar, Uncharted Territory of your brokenness, You discover almost it seems by accident, Things that you didn't know about yourself. You are a Survivor and how Resilient you are.

Mourning....Gives you the ability to see clearly, the rain will be gone.

Mourning....Washes away All of the buildup of All of the Hurt and Pain that you have held on to, Because you didn't know how to let go. Mourning.... Allowing yourself the opportunity to Heal. You must clean your wounds, Or they will become infected. In your Healing you slowly begin to discover that even in your brokenness, The pieces of You that remains still paints a Beautiful picture.

Mourning...Reminds Us All, That Change is Eminent. Nothing will ever stay the same. Your Heart and Mind will remind you just how important it is to love completely in the moment. To Always be present to what you say that you love. 

To share Time and Space is a Precious Gift that should not be taken lightly, or for Granted. It can All be over in the blink of an eye.

Mourning.... Restarting the Cycle of Life.


                                                                             By Jaki.

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