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"Moonlight Madness"

Moonlight Madness....My heart and mind are at war. The battle between my conscious and subconscious, while the rest of the world is sound asleep, the thoughts and the voice in my head that are occupying my mind, will not allow me to sleep. Moonlight Madness... The Stars glistening in the moonlight sky seems to be in perfect alignment to present my requests to the Universe, and await an answer from GOD. This is the perfect time for him and I to have a much needed conversation.

Moonlight Madness....In the quietness, and the shadows of the night. You are sometimes permitted a few moments of much needed rest. Your mind seems to always be on overdrive. Everything that you have created seems to be taking on a life of it's own. Finally it's quiet!!!! You can visualize it All.... Even the Imperfections!!!

Moonlight Madness.... When you find yourself with so much to say.... But No one to say it to..... Because No one could truly ever understand the bearing of your soul. No one knows the struggles that you face, to even remotely allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Moonlight Madness... Being left alone to my own devices.... Being forced to face that side of myself that enjoyed relishing in those" What it could have been moments" Realizing the truth when no one else is around. The weight of your decisions are truly being felt. You understand "Transparency".... Making All things clear to thyself.... Is the road to True Healing. Late in the Midnight hour, there is no one to put on a fantastic show for ( To applaud your performance). The Truth will be Told.

Moonlight Madness..... After navigating through the rough, turbulent, seas of discovering it's time to move on, and let go of what no longer serves your Highest Good. In spite of All of the Tears that you have cried and all the moaning and groaning, and belly aching included.... None of that matters. It only serves as a reference (A Guide) when making future decisions. Never forget how you felt in that moment. The Struggle... The Push and the Pull.

You will not make the same choice the next time around. I will not call it a mistake the second time around.....It is called" A Choice"!! The task at hand will be staring you in the face, Bright and Early in the morning. There will be no getting around what "You" have revealed to "You".

Moonlight Madness.....Pray!!!! Relax!!!! Release!!!

                                             "Moonlight Madness"

                                                                                              By Jaki.

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