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Family!! Do not be dismayed! I'm just the messenger. I want to say that I am so confused, but in actuality I don't believe that would be an accurate account to presently define my state of mind. Confusion tends to set in when what you see doesn't coincide with what you have allowed yourself to believe. What you thought was the cohesive that held certain relationships, and bonds solid in your life....In your eyes....Was a Misconception on your part. Clearly you were under some Misconception, the premise in which you started (Your Foundation) wasn't as solid as you allowed yourself to believe that it was.

Misconceptions.....In truth are only fake narratives, a false sense of security that most of us are fooled into believing. Trees come with Roots, Different parts and branches. Designed for different purposes at different stages of life. It would serve us all to go back to the beginning, and pay attention to the secrets that nature tries to reveal to us. Misconceptions.... You believe in the picture that you have created. You believe the stories that you tell yourself has Real Validity. Simply because the characters in the story, Not to mention the Co-Stars are really playing their parts. Believe me some of these people deserve an OSCAR, for an Award Winning performance that they perform on a day to day basis. The characters that they are able to transform into, Is mind-blowing to say the least. (L.M.A.O). Stay focused and alert, Before you look up one day and the joke will be on you.

People say this, and they will say that. Once any form of pressure is applied the truth will be revealed. Information cost, some more than others. Be willing to pay what you weigh. The lines are getting blurrier by the day. Play to win at all times. The false winds are blowing very strong y'all. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can really do about that. Don't allow yourself to get suckered into the Biggest Misconception....Of all Time. Always stand ten toes down on Principle, Rather you are a Man or a Woman. When you are Real!! Be Real!! Period.... And when you are Not.... You are Not! Period!!

People need to stop faking the funk .... Pretending to be someone that you are not. Hold on....I stand corrected!!! Maybe people are not pretending..... That's just the Global Pass. Know where you stand and where other people stand. In the Iconic words of Ms Maya Angelou... When someone shows you who they are. Believe them!! Do not Misconceive the notion that the person, or the situation is not what it is,. Because you wished it was different. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

People will always reveal themselves, Who they truly are. When they don't know what to hide. They really don't know what you are paying attention to. Some folks just need a stage so they can perform......A handful of willing Subservient listeners is all it takes to get the show started. We all know those types, Rather it is you personally, or someone that you know. No one can hide who they are but for so long. PAY ATTENTION!!!!

Don't allow yourself to be under the Misconception......Of believing you had a Rolex and it turned out to be a Timex. Everyone understands the Metephor Yes?? In any aspect personal or otherwise. Misconceptions...Are very dangerous in any aspect of your life. The last thing you ever want to do is build on a foundation you believed to be solid, Only to find out it was never what you that it was. It was all just a facade. Don't fool yourself into getting stuck holding the bag.           



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