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Where do I begin? As I sit here in the silence of the Bittersweet memories that seem to consume my thoughts. What separates the complexities of my heart, and my mind?. The Same emotion, that use to make me smile when I could feel your energy in the wind, that silently inspired me to help keep me strong.

Now, what use to make me laugh, Now has made me cry. Love is a Powerful Emotion, Strong as any other Addiction..... LOVE can be the Strongest Addiction of them All. Love... It's beautiful in all of its Glory, There is nothing like it, I fell in love with the Potential of what Love could be. Love is a funny thing...It is an Emotion that must be freely given....In order to be Genuine. We often times Do Not choose who we Love. We Fall in Love.... BLINDLY!! The Connection was Sparked.

We all have shared our feelings with someone else on so many different levels. All those people that we have Love and Lost through failed relationships. The Bible says whatever is in a Mans (Woman) heart, So shall they speak it. What is in your heart? The Truth will be Revealed. Tears flowing from my eyes, My Soul is filled with Mixed Emotions. I realized that I lost something that once meant the world to me. Pretending to be blind will not change the way I feel. The Love that I thought was Mine, and Mine alone.....Was it Ever really Mine? Or was I Being Held Captive by My Own Selfish Beliefs? The Love that I felt in that Moment, and Time...It Was All Mine. Love Never Dies.....It TRANSCENDS!!!

When you Really Love Someone. You will Always want what is Best for them, and wish them well rather they are with you or not.. Love Yourself Enough to know.... Through the Journey of such a Powerful, Misunderstood Emotion such as Love. It Must Be Handled with RESPECT, and REVERENCE. There Are RULES To THIS SHIT. Just as Love, Can be Sweet, and allow you to Relish in Pleasant Memories. It Can, and will Sometimes turn into a BEAST, and the MEMORIES will Drive you Insane. The Peace that you Seek will Always Elude you, When you Only have Yourself to Blame. ONLY You can Prevent Forest Fires!!!! LOL

My Love Letter....... It's Been a Hell of a Ride. Through All of the Ups and Downs. I Still Believe in you, and the POWER that you Carry. A few have Tried to Stand Up to the Challenge.... But Failed.... It's Been Worth it All. You Remained Consistent, and Loyal.. It's Always Better to have Not Only Seen, But Experienced PARADISE....Then Not To Know that it Exists At All.           


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