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"Love and Like"

What is love? An immeasurable conformity of emotions that causes you to have a Soft spot in your heart for someone or something? Or is it just a misunderstanding between two fools? I ask the question to see if anyone has the answer. I can openly admit that I do not. I know that you can love someone so much, when that same emotion is not reciprocated, or met with disdain and disrespect. The feeling of love is often replaced with the feeling of dislike, maybe even hate.

No one should ever hate anyone else for any reason. That is alot of energy to waste on negative emotions. No need to worry GOD sits High and he sees everything. Let Vengeance be his, in your defense. Real love is unconditional, you can love someone and not like them. So one would ask themselves is it possible to love someone that you don't like?  If so, why would you want to do that? As crazy as it seems .. You love the person for who you know them to be. You just don't like the way that they act.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be loyal to a fault to the wrong shit. No one is perfect, Everyone knows that is a fact. Perfection does not exist.,.. not in people at least. So clearly that is not the goal at hand. It's like having a job that you go to everyday, where you punch a clock, when you would much rather hit the alarm and stay asleep. Everyone wishes for a job that they love and like to depend on for their livelihood, but as we all know.... Rarely that is ever the case. The truth is' You are there because you have to be. Otherwise you would be somewhere else.... Anywhere else!!

Something just keeps nagging at me. Where does your true happiness lie? Is it in the love? Or is it in the like? They may seem like they can be one in the same.... But they definitely are not the same. One brings an emotion that makes you feel like you can leap the ground. It makes you feel strong, sometimes invincible even. You feel like you can do almost Anything. The flip side of the coin offers the same exhilarating Rush....In the beginning.... You can trust will soon surely fizzle out over time. The love and Like that you feel for someone stimulates your stimuli. Is it the warming of your blood that has you in a State of Confusion? So it would leave one to wonder! Love? Or Like? .... Is it Live or is it Memorex?


"Love and Like"

                                                          By JAKI.

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