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"Lessons that turn into Blessings"

I think that we all can agree that Life itself is a Learning Lesson. Learning lessons are an Essential part of Growth and Evolving. You understood that going through our formative years of childhood. By the time we reached Pubity the message was Clear... Learning a lesson from the choices that you made was just a part of life. Rather they were Good or Bad, Sometimes life can, and will deal you a shitty hand but failure is not an option.

You take what you are left with, You know the hand that you were dealt. When life brings lemons... You make Lemonade. Lessons that turn into Blessings.... Sometimes when we try to Foreplan every aspect of our lives, we often times will miss the fact that alot of the things that has Transpired in our lives that may have been painful, Or just turned out to be a Big Disappointment, because it didn't have the ending that you envisioned. Sometimes hurtful things happen in life, to teach us to Awaken us to the part of ourselves that we have allowed to be Dormant..... That part of you has begun to Atrophied. GOD will not allow us to remain stuck in any area of our lives. So he sends the Lessons...As a wake up call, An opportunity to see the Era of our ways. The Blessing from the lesson.... Is when you understand that more times than not we need saving from ourselves. If truly left to our own devices.... We would run a total muck, All hell would break loose. With that being said....We all have said if I knew then what I know now. Thank God allowed me to go through what I did, Because I am Wiser now. You come to accept that everything that glitters does not make it gold. The Blessing is; You finally learned the lessons that Life has taught you. They came at a very high price, You will no longer sell Yourself short.

Lessons that turn into Blessings....Even when it comes to relationships. Everyone has experienced a failed relationship throughout their lifetime. No one corners the market on that one. Relationships are hard, they require dedication and alot of work. Now looking back in hindsight, You remember the lessons that you learned and now you see it as a blessing that some of the situations you have had to endure Is now someone else's cross to bare.

Lessons that turn into Blessings...... When you realize that you have done the work. You have paid your dues.... You know what you Deserve. Stop siking yourself out looking for a different outcome, when you know that you are doing the same shit. Just because people change the wrapping, does not mean that the same bullshit is still not in the box. They have just mastered Curb Appeal..... Alluring to the eyes. Lessons that turn into Blessings.... When you take what you have learned and apply what you have learned. It's like the light bulb comes on. I once was blind now I can see. How many times have we went back to someone that you know that you needed to walk away from? The lesson is to discover why you keep holding on to a situation that no longer serves your highest good? The Discoveries will be different for everyone. The fact remains the same....It stems from somewhere, and you will address it more sooner than later. Then the Blessings will begin to reveal themselves throughout life. Some will be Big, some will be small.

You can trust that the lessons of life will always come. That is God's way of testing us, to see if we are ready for the blessing. So do not fear the Lessons of life.....Even though most of the time they may show up at the most Inopportune time. Try to look at it like a Pop Quiz, we use to have to take in school. Back then the Teachers wanted to know where you were at. What your strength and weaknesses were. Remember??? Well!!! GOD does too. But let us remember, if memory serves me correctly. How good it felt when we passed with flying colors. The Jewel hidden in this story...... Don't forget to study, Remember what you have learned... It's All just a Test.

"Lessons that turn into Blessings"                                                           BY JAKI.

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