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"Just a Mirage"

You can fantasize , and think whatever you like. The fantasies that you allow yourself to create shape and cultivate your life as you know it, in some way or another. When the disillusionment settles in that everything you thought was Real....Was never real at all, Can be a very painful, but powerful learning experience.

Just a Mirage.....Was never what it appeared to be. If you were a betting person, Sadly you would lose everything and possibly go broke. As much as you may pride yourself on being a good judge of character.... Even you was fooled. Just a Mirage.... Learning and accepting the Harsh Truth between Fantasy versus Reality... What you may wish that it was, versus the Truth of what it is. Or what it is not.

Just a Mirage.... When situations, and people are not quite what they seem. Just a Mirage... People change right before your eyes. What you once believed held a lot of value. You discover really didn't have any Real value at all. Just a Mirage... Building your hopes and dreams upon a False Premise. Often times we can't see past what we want. The Heart and the Mind, will sometimes create False Narratives to support what it is that it wants to experience and feel.... But that does not make it Real...... Under any Circumstances!!!!

Just a Mirage..... Can and Will teach you Discipline....If you allow it. Undoubtedly, you will learn that everything that glitters really isn't Gold....There isn't even a hint of Gold nowhere in it... It was all just a Mirage.... You learn to Govern yourself more wisely. You learn to pay attention to what is being shown to you, Not what people orchestrate for you to see.

David Copperfield....Was made famous because of his ability to captivate your eyes and stimulate your mind..... With An Illusion!!

Just a Mirage.....We all laughed, and looked with sheer amazement. How did he do that? Everyone wondered!!! Well, We may never know his secrets.... But we all know that it was entertainment. We found it entertaining to be fooled... Remember that? It's a whole other situation when it comes to situations of life. That turns out to be just a Mirage.... When you saw so, so much more.

Just a Mirage..... Always try to Steer a Steady Course throughout life. So you narrow your chances of Moving, or being LED in the wrong direction. That leads to Nowhere.

                         "Just a Mirage"

                                                   By JAKI.

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