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It's Time....Tick,tock,tick tock!!!! The arms on the clock seems to be turning at a rapid pace. It almost feels like time is running out.

It's Time... That you learn to value the commitments that you have made to yourself and to your life. It's Time... that we get Focused, there is still alot of work that needs to be done.

It's Time.. To remember Who GOD himself said that you are, and walk in that truth. It's Time.... To stand and operate on Faith, Despite what your outer circumstances may look like. It's Time... To stop letting fear stop you from reaching for your dreams.

Remember that F.E.A.R...Is just False Evidence Appearing Real.

It's Time...To stop allowing ourselves to be held prisoner to Any of our Inhibitions, or Shortcomings. We're all in the end on the same journey, looking for the answers.

Some of Us, Have committed ourselves to staying committed to Trusting in God and Forward Movement. Sometimes it gets hard... But as they say.... Nothing Worth Having... Didn't come without some Resistance and Struggle. In other words, If You didn't earn it....Odds are You will Not Appreciate it.

It's Time.... To stop living in the shadows, We must be present. We all go through different transformations and levels throughout our life at different times. This is how you learn, and if you are lucky... You will Evolve.... Some people will and some people will not.

That is just a Fact of Life.

It's Time..... That you take Life, and everything in it at Face Value. There is no more room for False Narratives and False Pretenses to be allowed to take up space in your life. In any shape, form, or fashion. Time waits on No Man, It's Time....To move with Intention. No more playing the Stick and Stay game. We all know what that is. Believe me when I say, The times in which we are living in....Shit Has Gotten Real!!!

It's Time....If You are still telling yourself that you still have time to wallow in your shanninigans....Even if you do not see them As being such. You are in for a Rude Awakening!!! The Fuckery will not be allowed to continue...No matter what you sike yourself into believing. It's Time.... That we all come full circle and raise the vibrations and bring light to the world.

You will get Your Shit together... Rather that is willingly, or unwillingly really doesn't matter. You Will Fall in Line.... Or suffer the consequences of the choices that you make. It's Time.... That We All, Accept and Obey that "The Most High GOD" Word is "Law"!!!

It's Time..... That we face reality that the book has been written, The Roles have been Assigned. Everyone knows what part that they are expected to play. We've All had Rehearsal Time, Some Retakes, and Some Do Overs,... Whatever that was for You. Everyone story will be different.

ONE thing is for Certain!!!! 

It's Time...... For Everyone Who has a job to do.

It's Time.......To Do It!!!!;


                                                 "It's Time"

                                                                                   By Jaki.

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