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 "It's Clear"....


It's Clear..... I am Who I am today, Because God used All of My Mistakes. He used them to guide Me towards My Highest Good. It's Clear.... The Mistakes I've made God used to show Me that, His plan for My Life is Perfect.

It's Clear......I have reached a very Monumental, Pivotal Point in my life., And a Vast Sense of Comprehension and Understanding. It's Clear.... In Spite of All of Life's Up Hill Battles, and Unsuspecting Challenges I have had to Face.

It's Clear......There has been a lot of Joy along the way..... Learning Sessions!!!! It's Clear.... Subsequently, Every Experience comes with its own Unique Story Cemented in the Chapters of your life. They serve as a Reminder of Just how far You have come......BE PROUD!!!!!

It's Clear.......I am A Natural Born Survivor!!! It's Clear.....To Me Exactly, WHO I Am as a Person. What are the Standards that I have Set for Myself. What I will, and Will Not Tolerate, or Accept in my life. Life, No Longer Affords Me the Comfortability to Bullshit Myself.

It's Clear.......I Now Understand things about Myself, That Once was a Mystery. I have seen a lot in the Course of My Lifetime, Some Things worked out in my Favor.... Some on the Other Hand did not. Most People would have Given Up, Tapped Out, and even Quit. I keep Going..... And Persevere...... Because I Will Not Quit!!!

The REWARD..... Is to Stand in My Truth!! I know What I know. I have Gained Clarity!!! Some People just Will Never See. It's Clear.... When Situations Arise in your life, Be it A Person, Place, Or Thing that has Come Full Circle. There isn't any Room for The What -Ifs Games that the Mind can Sometimes Foolishly Play. No matter how hard You try, All of your Persistence will not change the Outcome. A Square Peg ... Will Never fit into a Round Hole... No Matter how hard You try. It's Clear..... That You know that is The Truth!!!!

It's Clear....... The Most High God, Will Reveal many Things to Us All, If You are Open to See . Everything that You will be Shown, May Not always be Appeasing to You. It may Not be Comfortable, Or Friendly. It's Clear..... The Blessings and Favor of The Most High God is in the Ability You were Permitted to be able to See!!!!

It's Clear...... The Struggles of Life, Is Not, Or has ever been Personal. It has never been About Punishment, Although many Unfair things that We feel might have happened, Should Not have happened At All. God is not trying to Hurt You.....God will use Real Life Situations as An Opportunity to Teach Us. That would be Up for A Serious Debate!!! Everything happens for A Reason. Even when We Do Not Understand it. Looking back in Hindsight that is how I became the Person that I am Today!!! Originals....Are Always A Work of Art!!! They Stand Alone......

It's Clear...... That Everything in Life is Orchestrated for Specific Reasons by The Most High God. Rather it is In, Or Out of your Control. Everything that has Transpired.....Was Necessary!!!! Putting in The Hard Work.... Yields its Own Rewards. The Most High God knows the Exact Amount of Pressure that needs to be Applied.....At the Allotted Time!!!

It's Clear...... You will Stop being Upset with the way that Life Unfolds. Situations, People, Will Come, and they will Go. You Relinquish your need to Control, You have learned how to Coexist in the Natural Flow of Things. The Most High God has Shown You that He is Faithful. He has brought You this Far, You don't Worry about the Small Things..... You don't even Sweat the Big Things Anymore..... You Just Don't Worry!!! Because You Now Understand, and Accept, That You don't have to.

It's Clear....... You have Now come Full Circle, In Your Understanding and Overall Growth. Everything was Designed to Lead You here. Do You Understand Your Assignment? Do You still Stumble in the Darkness?.... If So, Stay in Prayer!!!! The Pathway will be made Clear.....

It's Clear.......If Progress is Not being Made, Revelations Are Not being Revealed to You...

It's Clear..... Maybe The Most High God is Trying to Tell You Something!!!!

                             "It's Clear"

                                                         By Jaki.

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