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"I Smell Smoke"

I Smell Smoke..... Someone call the Police, alert the Fire Department. There is a Huge Atrocity that is currently taking place in our day to day lives. I Smell Smoke... Take a good look around you, things seem to go from bad to worse at an alarming rate. The world is round, It is not flat. What you put into it, Is all that you can expect to get out of it. What you do not invest... You can not collect!!

I Smell Smoke...Is not just an individuals perception filled with gloom and doom. Some people, Some of the time recognizes the signs. They discipline their lives and themselves within that understanding. They live in' Response Mode'. I Smell Smoke...Is the wake-up call that you hope to get when your house is on fire, in a full blaze and you are asleep. You can hear someone screaming your name, Hollering I Smell Smoke....Is a split decision that you will make without giving it a second thought.... Because any hesitation, Or inability to move can mean the difference between life or death.

I Smell Smoke... Is based upon a simple narrative. Alot of situations and things have begun to change right before your very eyes. You can turn a blind eye, bury your head in the sand and try to pretend that you don't see. Playing make-believe isn't All that it is cracked up to be. Sadly, the novelty does wear off, Rather it is Sooner or later.... Reality Will Set in. I Smell Smoke.... The topic of Religion always seem to be open to some form of Debate. It really does not matter, Whomever that you pray to, and take comfort and solace from. The time is here that We All need to draw closer to the Most High GOD.... Contrary to a Particular name He may be known to you by.

I Smell Smoke....By any name, He is still the One True Living GOD. We all have heard the saying" Where there is smoke, there is a fire. I Smell Smoke... The clock is ticking, Time is running out. It is time to tighten up, Clean up our Acts. There is fire in the hole.... You will want to take cover. No one knows the exact cause of the combustion.....All Hell Breaking Loose!!! You can sense danger, even though you may not see it. It is surely evident, If we continue to move and operate in our current display of energy, A huge explosion at the end of this rainbow, Will be more than just an unwanted thought or theory. It will have become a Fact, Your Reality, Written in Stone.

I Smell Smoke.... How can you warn someone about the unforseen dangers that lurk around hidden in the shadows. In the corners and crevices, Because they cannot see it, They do not believe it. Out of sight, Out of mind. What the mind struggles to comprehend...It will Dispell. You must consciously decide to implement certain precautionary measures to ensure your safety and well-being.

I Smell Smoke... Sound the alarm, the fat lady is singing. You have Now been put on notice!! Do not choose to be the last one to leave the building... Because you failed to get the Memo.

I Smell Smoke....Are such powerful words, they carry a lot of weight all on their own. It can also be looked upon as a powerful, Significant Metaphor that serves as a much needed eye opener to the potential landmines in our lives showing up, Or lying dormant just waiting to explode. Sometimes the wick has already been lit, And you are the only one who doesn't know it. Your Spidey senses begin to flare up, Even if you can't definitively pinpoint Why. You sense something is a little Off. Nothing you can put your finger on.

I Smell Smoke..  Do not misunderstand my motivation for conveying this message. My only responsibility is to Alert you of the Hidden Dangers that lie ahead. What you choose to believe, Is entirely up to you. I am in no way trying to superimpose upon you what you should think. I only make the suggestion to Open your mind....So that you can think.

If you don't take anything else from this conversation. Take this,; Listen, and Listen carefully. The flame has been ignited, Soon there will be Fire. Nothing will make you move like heat.....

                               'I Smell Smoke!!!!!

                                                               "I Smell Smoke"

                                                                                               By Jaki. 

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