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"I Discovered I knew how to Swim"

After all the Running, and the Elaborate excuses that I often times hear Echoing in the back of my mind. The thoughts of where I have been, and where I am going, moving towards the future, and the memories of all that I have seen. As I look back reflecting on my life, and the choices I have made that led me here. I could not be the woman that I am today, if it were not for the  Natural, Unforseen Currents in life. Life is funny in that way..... You Never know where it will take you, or how it can and will change you.. In the most scariest, trying times of my life is when I Discovered I knew how to Swim. Times I thought I was going to Drown, I was going down for the count. No!!! Instead...I Floated.. Eventually to calmer waters. It's an Inner Knowing, when you begin to move and operate on a Total DIFFERENT FREQUENCY...I Discovered I knew how to Swim..

The Challenges of Life, at some time or another Will Undoubtedly effect us all, What does not kill me will Only make me Stronger. Now do not misunderstand what I'm trying to say, Life will always bring its own Challenges, that is just Life. None of us are... Exempt... But!!! There are those that are like myself where yes.. Were in the World, but we're not of the world. I Discovered I can swim, When  Disappointments, and Heart breaks that were meant to try and break me Never did... Because they never could. I Discovered I can swim . It's A State of mind, very Empowering. The ability to Transmute pain into power, and create Anything that can be seen in the minds eye. I began to move effortlessly around people, places, and things. Being able to sense unforseen dangers, and subconsciously be LED away. I Discovered I knew how to swim .. Despite any and all obstacles life may bring. I have been Blessed to Survive it All.                     

"I Discovered I knew how to Swim"                                               



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