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I Aspire

"KABOOM!!! The Big Bang Theory!! When everything has Triangulated and has taken on a shape all of its own. Life as you know it seems to be in Upheaval. So many things seem to be happening All at once. I Aspire...To having a Sound mind, and just Spirit. I Aspire... To apply all of the lessons that Life has been so kind to show me.. I'm thankful that GOD has blessed me that I survived it all.

I Aspire...To always try to trust my Intuition, Wisdom and Discernment. I Aspire.... To reach the level in my life where the Choices, Decisions, and Growth is Reflected in how I live my Life day to day. I Aspire... To no longer live in a Shell, or allow myself to be put into a box of Commonality.... Being satisfied with the Status Quo!!! I Aspire....To hold myself to an Higher Expectation. I Aspire....To always push myself beyond my Comfort Zone. Spread my Wings!! In search of New Horizons, Challenges and Triumphs that I have yet to Uncover.

I Aspire....To be Abundant in every aspect of my life. Spiritually, Mentally, Physically and Emotionally. I Aspire.... To Achieve Complete Balance. Nothing Broken, Nothing Missing. I know that sounds easier said than done. BUT!! I Aspire.....To put myself to the challenge.. I Aspire.... To reach for All of the things that I once thought were out of my reach. For whatever the reason was at the time. I Aspire.... To never allow negative energy to Subdue the Natural Beauty that is inside of me. We all are Responsible for who we Choose to be. When I was born, GOD blessed me with a Humble Heart. To those who has a heart like mine. I pray that this message Resonate.. I Aspire....To share with the world the Importance of being in Alignment with your Hearts Desire (God's Will). Then and Only then, Can your wishes Truly be Fulfilled.

I Aspire....To always see People, Places, or Things for exactly Whomever or Whatever they may be. I Aspire.... To always remain Conscious to ensure Informed Decisions. I Aspire.....To Not hold Grudges....I now understand. It was never personal. It was just another tool that GOD used to Elevate me to the next level of Discovering all the Beautiful things that make me Unapologetically Unique... It's an Essential Process. You have to be willing to take the Good along with the Bad. It takes time and Commitment!!!

I Aspire....To be able to Convey this story in a way that everyone can understand. I'm telling All of you Guys all of my Aspirations, I Feel led by the spirit to share. Don't miss the message!!! What actually gets your blood to start pumping? What do you Aspire to do? What are your Hopes and Dreams? I Aspire....To be the best version of myself. The world is open and free.....I Aspire....To bring a Positive Contribution....A Vibe! That is All my own.... Because it's ME!!! Unlike Anything the world has ever seen.

I Aspire.....To always try to be a light in a world that sometimes is Full of Darkness. I do not profess to know all of the answers, I know that I do not. Everyday I am still learning, just like everyone else. I'm just making a Conscious Decision to get into the fight. I will let you Guys in on a secret..... Because we're Family!!!! It's really not a fight at all. When you understand, and accept what must be done. You Aspire.....To move in that Direction and that Direction only. Anything else!!! Would be a Total Waste of your Time. What are your Aspirations?                           

 "I Aspire"


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