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"Heart Aches" 

It starts with sudden pounding palpitations that interrupt the natural rhythm of your heartbeat. My heart senses a familiar but unwanted emptiness. My heart begins to ache for what use to be, and long for Yesterday. Sadly, "Yesterday's" are just like "Time "...... It's Never Coming Back. How do you learn how to make peace with having to let go of someone that you love, and shared so much of yourself with? How do you say Goodbye to the other part of Yourself?

Who's going to be My lover, and my Best Friend now? I love you, and you love me, but in the end was Love" in itself was it ever enough? We started with the Best Intentions. Life, and Everything else in it seem to pull us in Separate Directions. Is this how the story ends? They say that it is better to have loved and lost, then to have not loved at all. I'm thankful for the experience. Through All the Ups and Downs, we've been through a lot together. No One ever had to understand the way that we communicated. We speak an Un-Spoken language only You and I understand.

What use to Draw Us close...Are Now the same emotions that separate us. My Heart Aches... When my Heart asks a question that my Mind doesn't have an answer for. At night when I close my eyes, and my Heart replays all my hopes and dreams, and the wishes of what "WE" were suppose to be. A Peaceful Sleep!!!! I reach for you, I can still smell you even when I am Asleep. Everyone has played the Breakup - Makeup Game. So Did We.... For many years. Somehow, I know that this time is Different, I Can Feel It... I'M DIFFERENT. My Heart Aches...The pain of what I lost is Real. The only way to truly heal is from the Inside Out, is to be Open and Honest about how I truly feel.

My Heart Aches...... When I came to the harsh reality that sometimes what you believed was the Love of Your Life, Was the Biggest Lesson of Your Life. A BITTER SWEET MOMENT!!! My Heart Aches..... The Memories that take up space in my mind, when even the smallest of things remind me of you. You Inspire me to reach my Highest Potential. You pushed me, when I didn't want to be pushed. You kept me Razor Sharp.

My Heart Aches..... After all the Laughing, and Talking, and the crowd pleasing and All the Naysayers are gone (You know the Yes Men People). Staying Strong isn't working as good as it use to. The truth is there's no more You and I. The Ties that Bind Have Now Been Broken. My Heart Aches... Moving Forward trying to make sense of what Life looks like because You Are No Longer in it.                         

"My Heart Aches"                                                           


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