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"He's Always on Time"

GOD Almighty!! The Most High GOD.

He may not come when you call him, but he's always on time. He knows your needs before you can even ask. Sometimes when we pray because we are not given an answer at that exact moment, Can leave you feeling like God isn't listening. There is Power in Prayer, God's Power is made whole in our weakness. In other words ... When we surrender and get out of God's way. There is no Storm, or Demon that GOD can't Control.

When the challenges of life are following you like your shadow, and you have exhausted all your Know-how on what to do. That is when GOD shows up right in the Knick of Time to make a way out of no way. He's Always on Time .. When you cry out to him,  Father help me!!...If you do not help me, I will not be helped. He hears our cries..... He's coming!!! He's Always on Time..... Think back a moment!!! Remember, All of those near death catastrophes you thought was surely going to take you out, He saved you from in the past.

He's the same Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and Forever More. His timing is not our time. He wrote the Book of Life, He knows the whole story. He's Always on Time... To give you just what you need at the appointed time. You must try to understand how Divinity works. His timing is Perfect.... He's Always on Time...

Trust in God's timing for your life. You really don't need to know All of the Details before you make a move. That is just your Ego talking...I suggest you get that in check.

He's Always on Time..... Even in the Darkness, and the Uncertainties of life. He will Always keep a Watchful Eye over his flock....He is the Good Shepherd. He's Always on Time... When your Heart is heavy, and it is Hard to Believe. He will be the Comforter that you need. He's Always on Time.... FAITH!!! Moves GOD.. Just a size of a Mustard Seed.

Watch GOD Move. Because You Believe. He will show up in a Mighty Way, like only He can, and show the whole world He's Always on Time.....In your life. GOD Himself orders the Footsteps of those that Love Him.

BLESSED!!! Are those that Believe without seeing. You Believe, Simply because He said it. No matter what the world may subject you to, Hold on to God's Unchanging Hand.....He Can't Fail!!!! He's Always on Time.... Close your eyes tonight, and Rest Peacefully. Take Solace in knowing that the King of Kings still sits At the Helm..... And He's Always on Time...... Sweet Dreams!!!

 "He's Always on Time"

                                                              BY JAKI..

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1 Comment

Aug 06, 2023

Yes he is always on time!!

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