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"Hard Knock Life"

A lot can be said, Questionable speculation about the various different ways that we as human beings receive, understand, and process information. It is abundantly clear that we all are given the ability to choose the paths that we choose to take. Some people would argue that more times than not, the choices that were made at the those particular moments in time, were the best decisions that could have been made with the limited source of information. Or is it really just an High end cop out?...... Because seemingly every lesson that you learn, seems to be the Hard way. That seems to be the only way way the message seems to Resonate. Are you one of those people that feels like it must cost you something in order to be Solidified?

On an internal level, it does pose the question!! Are we a gluten for punishment? Is it because of an inability to accept things for face value? We are so determined to have things our way. We will stay in situations that subconsciously we know is unhealthy. Is it all because we're somehow stuck on controlling the outcome? That is a very dangerous characteristic that can not be allowed to run rampant. Why can't we believe that the fire is hot without us having to touch it? Do we not believe that the rules do not apply to us? Believe me that is not always a healthy stance. Remember the Old Folks use to say' The more you stir shit the more it stinks.

I am in complete compliance that everyone's journey will not be the same. Just because the scenery, and travel time is vastly different does not mean that you are lost. It's true that what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. Yes!! But it will also take a toll on you in ways that sometimes you can't readily identify.... until it becomes a problem. Drinking, and Drugging trying to numb the pain of the choices that you have made, that you are now forced to have to live with. We're All too familiar with the Common vernacular..... Life is a Bitch. A Hard Knock Life......Are you learning the lesson?

A Hard Knock Life..... When every decision that was painful to make, when I fought myself tooth and nail. What I didn't want to do, in the end turns out to be the best decision. Let me take the time to be eminently clear, so no one can misconstrue what is being said here. When you decide that following the Subtle gestures, and hints that Life sometimes provide, Is not an option that you choose to follow. You have then chosen to learn the majority, if not all of lifes lessons the Hard way. Remember!!! It's A Choice!!! So Do Not Complain!!!

I will say this to all who stand on your commitment. I take my hat off to you, Rather your motivation is; You feel that you have something to prove when it comes to the character of who you are.....A Warrior!! Or are you just a Repeat Offender? You can take a licking and keep on ticking. Or you just don't believe that Fat Meat is really greasy? Only you truly know where you fall on the spectrum. No matter what your story is.... This little fact remains the same. Make sure you know what you are doing and your motivation for why you are doing it. Either way.....The price that you are paying is very Expensive...... Make sure you are not Paying Twice.   


"A Hard Knock Life"


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