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Today, marks a very Monumental time in my life. Today, is the day that my heart, and mind is in a fight. Not just any fight, this fight determines the rest of my life. May I find balance between my Ying and my Yang. My heart believes in second chances. My mind believes it's time to cut my losses. I understand that it is never a good thing to operate in my Emotions (My Feelings).... Without the Benefit of Intellect. Often times the Consequences can be.... CATASTROPHIC!!

Potential....Is a very Elusive thing.. You have to choose to acknowledge it. You have to choose to follow potential. We all have some sort of potential that we have yet to discover about ourselves. Some of us stand up for what drives us in our Spirit, no matter the cost. In my eyes there is no cost too Great to stand up for what makes me who I am. Unfortunately... Some people... Well they choose the easy road.... The Cowardly way out. The Inability to take a stand for what they envisioned their own future to be. You have to be ok with where other people are, or are not in their journey of life. Everything that has happened in my life, In my opinion were just a combination of events that were necessary to bring my life into Alignment, and Enlightenment.

Today...I say Goodbye to Anyone, or Anything that does not serve my Highest Good. I have learned the lessons, Now the trick is to take what I have learned and apply it to my life. Today I say Goodbye to Any Emotions that are Counterproductive to Healing, Nurturing, and Inspiring my Soul. Evolving....Is just that! It takes Time, and Discipline. Over Time... Discoveries Will be Made. Good Bye to False Narratives in my life. I hold No Grudges. To completely understand oneself, You must experience the Good, and the Bad in life. That is the Only way to Truly Discover your Strength and your Weakness. I Discovered just how Strong I truly am. I could Bend, and I didn't Break. Even in my Vulnerability...I Carry an Energy that Can't Be Matched. I'm Grateful for the Lesson. I'm Thankful I Passed the Test.

GoodBye.... To any Entity that I have allowed to hold me down. I move forward with Intention, With an Open Heart, and Mind. Operating from a Clear Space, Expectorant of all the Happiness the Future holds for me. I will let You Guys in on a Big Secret..... It's the Balance!!! You require both Emotions, but you Must Say Goodbye to People, Choices, and a Mindset that Always leads you in the Opposite Direction that you wanted to go. Today... I Say Goodbye!!! I Have Learned A Lot. It Was Fun While it Lasted.




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