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Freedom... GOD blessed Us All with the ability to think and expand our minds. He allows us the make choices and decisions for the direction our lives are heading in. Freedom... The disconnect between You, and the feeling of being chained, or bound to something, Or someone you feel the desire, or need to break free from. Freedom.... Some people still believe that it is free. Well, It's quite the contrary. Freedom...Is very expensive, and you have to be willing to fight for it. Freedom.... Isn't just a Given, that is yours to take for granted..... And allow yourself to become Too Comfortable. That is why so many people are So Comfortable with taking Comfortability for granted. It didn't cost them anything. They are cool with just the Roll of the Dice. It's because of Others Selfless Sacrifices that you are allowed to sit back and fold your arms. While others set the Status Quo.... Freedom Fighters!!; Rebels!!!

You know that You may be the type that is not use to carrying your own weight. We all know that we have, and probably still are guilty of this on some level. ( No Judgement). Freedom... Can be a very tricky thing at the very same time. If you are not careful, Freedom can, and will fool you. Freedom....As powerful of a thing as it is, If You are not aware of the Benefits and the Downsides of Freedom. There is a High Probability Rate, You may mistakenly believe it to be a benefit..... When in reality it was Just Fools Gold.

The same Freedom..... That You thought that you wanted. Suddenly you have All the space that was Once so important to you. That same exact Freedom.....Has you left feeling alone and isolated, Even when you are in the company of other people. Clearly You are not alone..... With All of your Freedom.... You are Really Lonely!!. Imagine that!! What you intended to Set you free.... Can also be the very thing to hold you prisoner.

Freedom....It is the ability to choose!! Simple....At least so it may seem. Freedom.... Can be very Empowering.. Think about the word Freedom for a moment. Does anyone else hear " I can do what I want to do? Or is it just me? Freedom... Some of Us aren't trying to run wild, like a Run Away Train without any brakes. Freedom... Brings Great Understanding, If You are paying attention. The Freedom to do many things, takes away the fascination to want to do them. You understand that just because you have the Freedom to do certain things, Does not mean it would be Permissable for you to do it.

Freedom.....To do whatever you want to do, In any situation in your life. Will Definitely Unveil to You exactly Who You are. Just what you have Outgrown in your life..... And what you have Not. You will know the balance you have Ascertained, By what you allow yourself to entertain.

Freedom.....To Choose what to Invest your Energy Into.


                                                                                   By Jaki.

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