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"Free Will"

What does it really mean? Is it the ability to chose our own path in this lifetime? Or is it just an opportunity to be obedient to what God (your spirit)is telling you to do? We all have gone through challenges, and life experiences that were meant to guide, and teach us to help us to grow. As painful, as some lessons may have been, often times we understood that they were necessary. No you didn't particularly care for how you learned the lesson, but the wisdom that God has permitted you to see looking behind the veil , gave you a different perception and it began to unlock the questions, and understanding of life. The information that you have been blessed to be privy to....Is PRICELESS!!!! With that understanding, comes a Great Responsibility. When you know better, you in turn do better. To whom much is given, much is expected. Often times, that is not the road that is chosen. More times than not, we tend to choose the path with more excitement, and less work to be done. Fortunately, we all do not learn, or receive information exactly the same. We all reach pivotal moments at different chapters in life. When God has a plan for your life, the rules of engagement are different. You can't do Anything that you want to do. You are held to a higher standard, and you will be held accountable. Yes, you are allowed to make mistakes, God heard your prayers. His WILL...Will be done. Is it safe to say? When you run from what you know is the truth in your spirit. That in truth you are running away from your Destiny. It's only a matter of time before you will have to come full circle. The truth of the matter is, You made the agreement with God in Heaven before you came here. No matter how hard it gets, or Unfair you may think that it is. You were built for this. Free Will...... To me is, You can be obedient, Do as you are told... Usually gentle nudges of persuasion. Or you can kick and scream and be made to do it. Just as when we were children, when you didn't do what you were told the first time, and your parents had to tell you twice. You were put on PUNISHMENT.....You Remember!!!! You have a choice, We all do. GOD gives us Free Will. We pray and ask God for Change! He sends us the opportunity to Redeem ourselves. Often times the Gift is hidden. Our hearts have to be pure and just, ready for Real Change. It's a TEST!!!! That Most people fail because they can't leave their Worldly Wilds behind. We all say what we want, but will you recognize it when God gives it to you? Will you be Obedient to have it? EVERYTHING!!! Comes at a price. Free Will... How will you choose?

When you run from what God is telling you to choose, because He knows best. Know this, the same choices you choose to make, Or not choose to make. Will be the Same Choices that will Hurt you and Enslave you later. God gives us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and grow from them. Some of us, are soldiers in God's Army and we have a job to do. Life has not been easy, Roads may have become blurred over time, that is just the struggles of life. Some people will not be Bound, they are true to being their Authentic Selves because they have done the work. Everyday, Is an opportunity for us to become a Better version of ourselves, and be that person that we hope to find. ..As Above, So Below..... How Will You Choose?? By: JAKI

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I try everyday to be a better me even if I am struggling to do so. Having free will and choices helps me to correct the mistakes I have made while my life is under construction. Very inspirational.

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