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I know that the mere mention of that word, can make some of the friendliest faces turn into a frown. Especially when someone has hurt, or betrayed you. Forgiveness is never easy.... It's something we all have had our own struggles with. There isn't an easy path to the road to forgiveness, but it is a necessary one we all should try and follow. Once we're able to get past our anger, hurt, and or disbelief on how we were wrongfully mistreated. You realize that holding onto what was done to you, only causes you to relive the trauma over, and over again. Which if you are not careful, you can unknowingly find yourself in a victims mindset We're not victims.... We're CONQUERS!!!! As the Old Folks would say.... What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger.

The freedom is in forgiving yourself and the other person. People often times hurt other people, out of being hurt themselves. Hurt people, hurt other people. More times than not other people situations have nothing to do with you. You can clearly see the brokeness in someone, and instead of holding grudges, you feel empathy for the challenges of life most people have to face. You keep people in your prayers, The (Most High) says by the same measuring stick in which we use to judge other people, so shall we be judged.

We can't expect forgiveness, if we can't find forgiveness in our hearts for other people. FORGIVENESS....Is never for the other person, it is to release ourselves from the Trauma Bondage. What goes around comes around. The (Most High) sees All things, nothing goes unnoticed, and he keeps perfect score. He will make sure the checks and balances stay fair and just. Is it easy to Forgive? No.... Often times it is not.. It is a Choice..... You have to Choose to make. To let go and let GOD.

(FORGIVENESS) ........ Doesn't mean that you have to stay. It really means that you are FREE to Go.                                                                 

 By: JAKI 

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