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"Father I Call Unto You"

The world is becoming a very cold and dark place. The faces of the people that you know and love, and the places that once offered you a sense of familiarity and sense of belonging has now turned cold. They laugh and smile in your face and pretend that the bond that you once shared is still there... But it is not. So much has changed in so many ways that may never be able to be rectified... Sometimes there is just no going back. Having doors closed in your life is not always a Bad thing. Even though sometimes it may feel like it is, some doors when they are closed, they need to stay closed permanently. You Change, I have Changed, People Change, and Situations, always change. God will often times send the rift because it is time to move in a different direction.

Situations in your life can and often times become Stagnant and Stale... Meaning certain people, situations in your life are no longer bearing any Real Fruit.. Nothing happens by accident and everything is Divine Order. Lean not to my Own Understanding.... Father You are All I know. . You are the Beginning and the End. The Alpha and the OMega. Father I call Unto You..,.So much has happened in my life that I know that I can only depend solely on you. Smiling faces...Are sometimes just A Frown turned Upside Down. Father I call Unto You..... To guide and direct my every footstep , the darkness seems to be illuminated and all I have to rely on is the sound of your voice.

Father I call Unto You..... Everything seems to have changed and it's not really by any of my own doing....Or is it?  Because of an inability to embrace Change... To let go of the people, places, and things that no longer served My Highest good. Father I call Unto you....where my help comes from. Father you are the same today, and tomorrow, and Always. You have Always been there in my time of need. I Am A Child of the Most High GOD. I feel like Peter on the boat and I know that No matter what may be taken place in my life, it's not Bigger than You. Just one word from you, And all of Hell will Bow at your feet. Father I call Unto You..... It's getting harder everyday, but I will not complain you have seen me through so many Highs and Lows of my life.

Father I call Unto You....I know that when one of yours is Lost you will leave the other ninety nine in search of the one who has gone missing....You are the "Good Shepherd". I'm nervous Father, but I am not afraid. I know that your word is powerful and it's going to do exactly what you sent it to do. Your Word will never return to you Void.... Father I call Unto You.....To speak peace over the Raging Storms in my life. I now understand that sometimes the storms of life, as unfair as as they may seem they're never without purpose.

Father I call Unto You..... Guide me out of harms way, Restore my feet back on solid ground. Send me a sign that I have not lost my bearings. You have always promised a comforter in my time of need. No two people can move in the same direction unless they agree, move me closer to more like minded people. I will always keep moving forward, I refuse to give up the fight. Father I call Unto You...To call on your Angels to help keep me safe...The Devil and the Demons are on the Loose, they even shape shift... Can you believe it? I really don't know what else to say but.... Pray!!! Pray!!! Pray!! Father I call Unto You.

                     "Father I call Unto You"

                                                         BY JAKI.

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