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"Everyone Can't Come"

"Everyone Can't Come"

How will you know when it is time to change the direction of your life? Sometimes standing still in silence, taking self inventory of where you have been. The choices that you have made, and where you are going in life. With our struggles, and challenges we face, the road has had its own rewards. With memories that has helped us to become who we are. That has been Essential in your souls growth.

You live, and you learn, and with our mistakes brought about wisdom, patience, and discernment. When you looked inside to find the answers, you begin to Soul Search,  and you realized that being lost, is so close to being found. The road has not been easy, maybe even a bit unfair at times. To achieve your Hearts Desire..... Do you have the Resilience?.......To TRUST The Process. Sometimes the road that leads to your True Happiness, Often times is One that must be traveled alone. Everyone will Not sit at your table. Faces you thought that you would see would be Rooting you on. Well.... Some will, and some Definitely won't.

As painful as Good Byes may be, They're often for the best, and your Greater Good. When One door closes, GOD always opens another one.... HAVE FAITH!!!! It's not that you didn't value the Relationships, or the Experiences that you have been Blessed to have . There are Different levels in life, and some you Really do Outgrow. Forgive them, Pray for them and Wish them well. Those Connections will "Always" be a part of you, and have a Special place in your heart.

GOD.....Reveals what the Heart , and Mind can "Accept" in Divine Timing. You have to be willing to Release what is in your hands, In order to receive what is in GOD'S hands.

                  "Everyone Can't Come". 


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