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Every Road Has An Ending

"This morning when I awakened, for some strange reason something feels different...A little off, to be completely honest. My body feels Drained, Overwhelmed, and yet Relived all at the same time. Every road has an Ending.... Despite, All of my countless efforts, Truth is!! I have gone as far as I am prepared to go. No matter what I tell myself to the contrary. Every road has an Ending....It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It's never going to fit, No matter how hard you try.

Although, We all can applaud Effort and Intention. Unfortunately, some of our most Defined Efforts, Usually feels like it was all in vain, Because every road has an Ending. Even if you have grown comfortable, and complacent by being on it. You can sike yourself out, and choose to believe that you have a Choice, and time. Another grave mistake that we as people often times make. That seems to allow people a false sense of security. When the Reality of it all begins to hit them and they are Awakened from the Illusions, they start saying things like: My Good Luck has seem to run out. I can't seem to catch a break. Nope!!! Sorry!!! To be the Bearer of Bad News. Every road has an Ending......

That's why it is so important that you Govern yourself more Maticously on how you move and operate. Most importantly how you treat people, The same people that you will see going up, You will see the same people going down. The Morale of this story: Rather it is Good, or Rather it is Bad, Every road has an Ending.....As long as Michigan Avenue is, You can travel it State to State. As strong as Iron is, In it's natural form, Even it will begin to collapse under pressure!!! Everything has an Ending.... Put your Best Foot Forward in everything that you do. Do Not Fear the Unknown, that it stops you from following your future. You Owe it to Yourself to say" I did my best"and I gave it my All.

Trust me, Do yourself a favor and store this in your Mental Roll-a- Dex!!! You Know when you have Done all that you can do. It just Is... What it is!! What will Be, Will Be. Don't allow the Music to stop playing or the Fat lady to sing and you are the last one to know, that you have over stayed your welcome. Every road has an Ending...I have traveled my own course, and let the World know that I was here. Whatever YOU DECIDE!!! Do it with Intention!! Because Remember, Every road has an Ending.... Endings!!! Can be Joyous and Happy times. Often times they can Also be painful, and hard to live with. Make Sure that you can Live with the Ones that you are Creating.           

"Every road has an Ending"                                                         


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