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  "Don't You Recognize Me?....


Don't You Recognize Me?....In the middle of the night, At the end of each one of My Prayers, I silently Pray for You. I ask The Most High GOD to always keep You safe. To Light, and Guide your Pathway on your Journey to Me. Don't You Recognize Me?....,We have loved Each Other in so many other Lifetimes. Although the Bodies that We may occupy may very change, Somehow We always find Our way back to Each Other. I Yearn for You, and You Yearn for Me. In a World that can be so Selfish and Cold, We relied on Each Other to help keep Us warm.

Our Spirits know that We belong together. The Love that We have for Each Other is incumbent with the Bond that We share that transcends beyond this World. We are very Familiar with Each Other..... Which Awakens Your Cardinal Side..... Even if it doesn't know why. Inherently, We provide Each Others Needs.... We are One!!!!

Don't You Recognize Me?..... Sometimes, It is something as simple as a Glimpse of the Naked Eye ( A Deja Vu). Or A Distinct Indescribable Smell that seems to Captivate, and hold All of Your Senses hostage, Unlike any other Aroma ever has..... IT'S An APHRODISIAC!!!!. You really can't explain it, There are No Words that you can readily think of that could truly define the Enormous amount of Emotions that you are experiencing.

Don't You Recognize Me?...... You have touched Me in so many ways. With the Intensity of your Eyes and your Thoughts, Not to mention your Hands on Abilities. You made Love to Me many, many times over. You have taken Everything that I have to give, and softly given it All back......One gentle moment at a time, Without ever having to ask My Permission. I belong to You and You belong to Me.

Don't You Recognize Me?...... Sadly, It seems like Another Missed Opportunity. There is No reason to be Remorseful, Or Sad, We Both put up a Galant Fight. Like Two Ships passing in the Night. We just could not seem to get it right. Unfortunately, Almost just doesn't count. We stood still, Nothing and No One Else existed in Our Time line..... But US. The World was Non-existent Outside of You and I. We shared Our moment in Time. Those Memories that will last A Lifetime.

Don't You Recognize Me?...... The Journey has been Most Eventful.....Some things, Has been Not So Sweet.... But the World is Round, It is Not Flat. So there is Always a Distinct Possibility that Our Paths may again cross, and We might yet again meet..... Next Lifetime!!!!

If History serves Us correctly, On the virtue of Repeating Itself....If You are willing to take what You have learned here Today...... Maybe Then.....The Outcome will be Different.

                                        "Don't You Recognize Me?...

                                                                                         By Jaki:

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