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"Companionship -VS- Intimacy"

Is there really a difference? If so, what are the defining lines that separate the two? That you can readily identify? Companionship-VS-Intimacy.... The coming together of two spirits that recognizes each other and decided to bond. Having someone who understands the language that you speak from their heart, so effortlessly because they speak the same lingo that you do.

Companionship.... I'm sharing myself openly with you, inviting you into my warm quiet place of peace... called my circle. To share my vision of the world through my eyes. You are allowed to open up your mind and lay your burden down and share what you are thinking. All of your worries and concerns and know that your secrets are safe with me. I know that may sound a bit whimsical and definitely unobtainable, especially in these present days. I assure you that it is not. It's really easier than one might think. Isn't Intimacy the exact same thing? I really believe that they are one in the same, because Truthfully you can not have one without the other.

A real friendship and equal commitment to sharing. Your perspective can be fleeting depending upon how you look at it. Perception, is more important than most people are willing to believe. When your perception is off, it will throw your whole premise off balance. No matter what you decide to tell yourself, and accept as the truth. The Truth is! Whatever you build upon must be built on a solid foundation. Period!! Or it is only a matter of time before the house that Jack built comes tumbling down.

How many times have you made a fucked up decision that you regret every time you think about it? Simply based upon how you looked at the situation at the time. I know many of you are probably thinking what does all of this have to do with Companionship and Intimacy.... Well! A Hell of alot to say the least. It's the little things that will always tell you the Big things. If we all could understand how to combine the two, then alot of failed relationships would otherwise be restored.... And successfully would work. That takes a Great level of Openness and Trust, and Transparency.

I just don't believe that everyone is ready for that, even though that is what they say that they want. Those are the relationships that We All look at and be like DAMN.... They look so happy together. I wish my relationship was like theirs. It looks like GOD put the two of them together. Well....All of that may very well be true, but what is also equally True.... They discovered a Hidden Secret. Companionship and Intimacy can be one in the same, and if you can Master them both at the same time, you can and will be a force to be reckoned with. So Folks, that is all the nuggets of Wisdom I have time for today. For All of those who received it,  I'm glad you caught it, put it in your Knapsack. To those who sadly may have missed it. Better luck next time. Everything isn't everyone's story.

                              Much Love......

"Companionship -VS-Intimacy"

                                                      BY. JAKI.

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2 comentários

19 de jun. de 2023

What are others thoughts on this?


19 de jun. de 2023

It took life experiences for me to understand how important companionship is and how it relates to intimacy. I think some believe intimacy is about touching one another. But intimacy can occur when you are having companionship experiences with another.

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