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"Coming Full Circle"

Coming Full Circle......Is it a level of consciousness that only can be obtained through Wisdom, Time, Struggle, and Experience? Coming Full Circle... Is to me accepting the realization that you have no control over anyone , other than yourself. Coming Full Circle... You learn to not only accept the fragmented pieces of ourselves, you soon discover that it is those intricate parts of ourselves that makes us so unique and sets us apart from anyone else.

Coming Full Circle.....Is the ability to trust in your individual growth, You know that life is a journey, it is never about the destination. You never want to Stop living and learning. There's a huge difference between Existing and Coasting. Coming Full Circle..... Everyday will not be pretty.... But there will be days to reflect upon that has, and will continue to bring you genuine happiness. Coming Full Circle... The Most High GOD seems to find favor in our ability to Come Full Circle... It's as though he rewards you for All the trying times, all the struggles, letdowns and adversity you may have had to face. You still kept your Morals and Integrity, and your commitment to try and do what is right in tact. You didn't allow the struggles and stress of this world change Who You are.

Coming Full Circle..... God knows All of our struggles. You realize that you can be secure that everything is going to be just fine. Everything, No matter the outcome, Is going to work out just as it should. God doesn't make any mistakes. Coming Full Circle..... Giving everything that is in your life to God..... Especially when it burdens your heart. Trust that GOD is going to work It out for you. Because he loves you and like any other parent, He never wants you to suffer. He wants us to be happy..... Abundantly Happy and our wishes fulfilled.

Coming Full Circle.....Takes a lot of Faith and Pride, Strength and Resolve to not ever quit. Life can be hard, often times very hard. Some people can just be cruel and disingenuous and that is just who they are. Free yourself and them and just move on. Is that how the world is As a whole? Absolutely Not....I am in no way suggesting that.

What I will say is..... You can not take someone's life or childhood experiences out of the equation, because that is the foundational mark of who you are.

Coming Full Circle.... You learn not to judge.... Everyone's situation will not be the same. You will no longer hold any grudges, or ill-gotten feelings towards the people who have hurt or betrayed you. Coming Full Circle.... You realize that it was a lesson that will only make you stronger. The experiences, and the lessons that you have learned happened for You..... Not to You!!!!

Coming Full Circle..... The ability to finally see the picture coming together, It was not easy to get to where you are today. The world may believe that they know the struggles that you have faced.... But that is only half the truth.

If they knew the full complete story..... Would they take their hat off to you with Admiration and Respect? Would they even believe you? Not many could endure what you have and still be here to talk about it.

Coming Full Circle..... Knowing that you have nothing to prove to anyone..... But GOD!!!! You are secure in who you are and the Man or Woman that you have become. It came with a cost of blood, sweat and tears. Be proud of your accomplishments, You have come a long way Baby.....Give yourself a Round of Applause.

Coming Full Circle.... You realize that you have put in the work, Although it is a neverending Job....We All must continue to Evolve.

Coming Full Circle.... You have come a long way, You might not be where you want to be, You definitely are not where you use to be. You are finally heading in the right direction of where you want to go. 

Coming Full Circle..... Everything is in God's Divine Timing..... Endings Can be Real Beginnings...

                                         "Coming Full Circle"

                                                                                      By Jaki.

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