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"Choices and Consequences"

Well!!! Here we all are standing at the crossroad between our choices and the consequences that follow behind them. As we all know, there are always Consequences for the Choices that we choose to make. Choices and Consequences...By the Grace of God we've all been blessed to have learned from a lot of our choices, and the consequences were not as bad as they could have been. (You were fortunate to escape with your bones still intact).

Choices and Consequences....I can't speak for anyone else but for me, those two words put together in the same sentence, Screams the importance of synchronicity..... Meaning when making choices in your life, you should always aspire to remain focused and balanced, with a stable mindset. Because of the choices that you make, and the consequences that will follow shortly after, will be more than you can stand to bare. And that will be your ass!!

Choices and Consequences.... People weighing the Pros versus the Cons..... Seems to be almost non-existent in the society we live in today. It seems to be more popularized to throw caution to the wind..... That's like crossing the street without even looking both ways!!! That's just plain stupid!!!! I'm totally for taking Leaps of Faith but even that comes with a Great Responsibility and Understanding that every choice that you make comes with a consequence.

GOD Himself told us, before you commit yourself to something....Weigh the cost. Sadly no one follows the Basics anymore. Hence.... The Consequences.... For not listening!! But when our choices and the consequences is causing All kind of Hell in your life , It's out of your control . Now, As we all have said "GOD, Father help me". I have learned my lesson.

Choices and Consequences......In every aspect of your life. Choose Wisely, You just might have to live with what you choose.

"Choices and Consequences"


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