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"Smoking Mirrors, Subterfuge, and Camouflage, all the things designed to keep you stuck. Change...Is a Choice, not an easy one. Most people Fear Change.... That is why they can not embrace it, So they run from It. But it's worth it to Stand in Your Truth. You can Run, but you can not hide. Change....Is always occurring even when you are not looking, and standing still. Change... Can be very painful, often times it can seem next to Impossible to Discipline yourself to stop Repeatedly doing the same thing, wishing for a Different Outcome, but getting the same Results The Clinical Term the Professionals refer to as Insanity...... Resistant to Change!!!

Real Change... Is a Process, A Commitment, A Journey. Sometimes it can be very Emotionally Draining, Confusing. You may find yourself with alot of Unanswered Questions. Because it's never easy to admit to yourself, You have been on some Real Bullshit. Change... Is necessary to Catapult you into the Direction you were meant to go. Change... Usually shows up in your life as a Real Shit Storm. You will have to Decide if it was a Blessing, or a Lesson. Depending upon what you learned, Will determine how you look at it. Either way, It's a Poor Wind that won't Change!!!

You can Play Make Believe, and Pretend you don't know how you got here at this point that you find yourself in life. NEWS FLASH!!! Let this serve as a Public Service Announcement. It's our Inability to Change... To put away our UnEvolved Mentality that will always bring Low Vibrational Results. Change.... Is Never Easy.... But it is Definitely Necessary. Maybe we have become too comfortable in Our Oversized, Inflated Egos. People run from Change... Because it signifies Their Loss of Control. Not realizing Change...Is going to happen With or Without your consent. The Ferris Wheel of Life, Will, and Must Continue to turn. We All have some say on the Choices and Decisions that we make... But We Are Not the Author of our Destiny.

Change.... Can often be One of the Biggest Struggles you will ever face in your life. Being caught between Two Different Parallels of thinking, and feeling. Realizing you have Really Outgrown all the Foolishness and it's Time for Change..... But On the other hand, The Other Side had its PERKS. Time to Make An Executive Decision!! Without Change.... You Will Never Grow.                       



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I'm trying to change but I'm finding it hard not to go back to old ways. I try to keep n mind change doesn't happen over night but one step at a time is how I m going about it. Thanks for the read.

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