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"Break the Glass"

Break the Glass....An Invisible Shield that Everyone seems to try to hide behind. The Comfort Zone that you have single handedly crafted, Built to protect you from all of your Insecurities, Hurt, or Harm. The One that took Time to build. Coincidentally, It also prohibits you from experiencing True Happiness. It keeps you bound to being a Victim... Never allowing the Freedom of becoming a Survivor. Talk about a Double Edged Sword!!!

Break the Glass.... Sometimes the Entrapments of life are not so plain to see. They often times show up in your life disguised as things that you may think that you want..... But is never what you needed. Anything built on a Faulty Premise, Will not ever Stand.

Break the Glass.... So many of us stand on the outside looking in, Wishing that the way that you perceive the world, People, and the choice that you make would be welcomed in the circle of life.

Break the Glass.....Is having the Courage to be different, and stand on the qualities that make you not only different.... But Rare!!!!

Even when it is not the Most Popular thing to do. It takes Courage, and Individuality......To break Comfority!!!!

Break the Glass....I am little confused, When I think about the Freedom and Power that One must feel when they reach a Goal that they may once believed was unobtainable and out of reach. You refuse to let Anyone, or Anything stand in your way of realizing your potential. Scared and Wounded, You still kept moving. Why doesn't that Mindset apply to every Aspect of your life?

How can You allow Yourself to become Encapsulated by your Emotions? Feelings....Are Fleeting!!!! They can always change depending upon the circumstances. You know that You can be Two Hands Full. You Require Structure!!!!

Break the Glass.....Is a Personal Choice.....More of a Commitment, That only You can make. There are many Hidden, Invisible Fears that we all seem to fall Victim to. No one is any better than anyone else. No one is immune to the challenges of Love and Life. Some people are being held Prisoner by the choices that they are choosing to make. Sadly, A lot of them don't even know it.

Break the Glass..... Set Your heart and Mind free. Your Spirit yearns for, and deserves Peace. Break the Glass....Comes with the ability to be vulnerable and transparent with Yourself. It's a Raw and Uncut Experience. You must be up for the challenge!!!!

How can you ever truly get to know someone else? Share a Real Connection? Build a Solid Bond?....... Established in Love and Respect, Not Insecurities and Control.... And You don't even really know Yourself? You can only be Who You are. Break the Glass..... Shattered Glass, doesn't always represent Disaster and Chaos in your life. Sometimes it can also represent Wisdom. How well do you know Yourself to know which one that it is? That question may require a whole lot of thought. I will give you a moment!!!!

Break the Glass.....Tell Yourself the truth....Yes, it can hurt, It often times does. But guess what if you don't, You can definitely guarantee that someone else will. That is just the way that life is. I think that The Most High GOD intended for it to be that way. You can only live in a False Facade, a Self made Cocoon, but for so long. The Balloon will Burst!!!!! 

I mean the way that I see it, Isn't it better coming from You? Telling You the truth? Versus Someone else telling you, Or certain Unwanted Situations always keep showing up in your life. If your feelings has to be hurt to help you to grow, and realize and walk in Your truth. Is it not better that it comes from You? Break the Glass!!!

Break the Glass....Is a Rewarding, Calm, Yet Scary, State of mind. The Barriers that once exsisted, and the Exhausting Confusion 

that accompanied it.....Was Gone. You can finally breathe.

War is Real!!!! Internal Battles can be the worst.

Break the Glass....There are not any Real Limitations, or Restrictions on your life....... EXCEPT the Ones that are SELF IMPOSED!!!


    "Break the Glass"

                                                                                   By Jaki.

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