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"Blind Faith"

Blind Faith.... What is it exactly? Do we have a clear understanding of the Depths of Blind Faith?.....Is it an unshaken ability to believe? Even when everything that you can visually see is to the direct contrary. Blind Faith....Is standing on a solid foundation, Refusing to be swayed by fear or self doubt. Blind Faith... Cannot be given freely to just anyone, Faith in someone can only be proven with time. People are flawed, So they will often disappoint you. Keep your Faith in GOD..... Not Man!!!

Blind Faith....To trust GOD with All Thy Heart, Mind, and Soul. Sometimes you will not have All the answers, and unsure how the pieces fit. Blind Faith.... Trusting GOD to guide you through the darkness and turbulent waters of life. Blind Faith...I can't speak for anyone else, but for me I sleep peacefully every night knowing that the Most High GOD has my back. He's My Protection!!!

Blind Faith.....Is knowing a Father's Love..... Unconditional love!!!

Blind Faith.... Guiding almost effortlessly throughout life, it's not that you don't face your share of struggles, Like everyone else....You Do!!! Some many would not believe. Because of your Blind Faith... You know that The Most High GOD will provide.....He Always Does!!!

He rewards those that Believe without having to see. He blesses them beyond measure. Blind Faith.... Begin to walk in it, and watch GOD show up and show out. Blind Faith.... The Most High GOD takes pleasure in knowing that we Honor Him. What better way to say that I Honor you, Then to Believe what you say and Stand on It.

Blind Faith.... Let's keep the scales balanced...There is two sides to every coin. We've all taken some things in life on Blind Faith....That we Definitely should have exercised our Discernment. You Live and you Learn.

Blind Faith.....Is that it which pushes you towards the promise of a better tomorrow? No matter how it may seem at the moment. Is it your Blind Faith???.... That brings peace to your Heart? Because you know that GOD is not going to leave you. You Belong to Him!!

Blind Faith.... When you have survived the Storms.... You Don't Sweat the Raindrops. You know that GOD is Coming!!!!


"Blind Faith"

                                                                                    By Jaki.

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