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"Be On the lookout for the Decepticons"

Calling All Autobots (Enlightened Sound Minds). This is a Distress Signal!!! To all Autobots that are in the sound of my voice. The Battle has begun!!! The Decepticons....(Demons and Devils). Are here on earth and they are looking for something. They are not who they pretend to be. Just like in the movie, they pretend to be someone that you can readily identify. It's all just an elaborate cover. Some people are even unaware that they are a Decepticon. They're so use to moving and Operating in Demonic energy its like second nature. They will transform right before your very eyes Unknowingly.....There are Signs!!

The Decepticons..... Some have been around for a long time, Hiding in plain sight. Good at blending and Camouflage. Thank God there are distinguishing tell-tell signs that help you recognize who, and what they are. GOD will never leave us blind in the dark. Some people bare the markings of Caine and Abel. You can tell who they are by the way that they move. The Deeds of a person may be one thing.... But the Heart of that very same person can be something completely different. We've all been made aware to take heed to the warnings, all the years of our lives.

We all were told.... Everyone is not your friend! A smile is just a frown turned upside down! Beware of Wolfs in Sheeps clothing. Think about it for just a moment....How many ways can God and the Old Folks say the same thing? The Old Folks, Who has seen, probably was married to, Friends with, or related to the Original Decepticon. They knew up close and personal, people are rarely who they appear to be, and just how clever the enemy can be. Not being of the Same Spirit.... GOD will force you to have to part ways.

Many of you may find a bit of humor in the way that I have chosen to tell this story. The Truth is....There is a code that we must follow, speak the language that only we can understand amongst ourselves. The enemy is listening and their plotting. They come out in Droves, they're not even afraid of being seen anymore. Like a Faction, coming to cause confusion, Steal, kill and destroy. Have you ever seen four to five people talking in a group? Rather you knew them or not, really does not matter. In watching the Interaction with the people, Overall, it looked Amicably Social to say the least. Then within five to ten minutes...All hell is breaking Loose and you say to yourself DAMN!!! What just happened?

Everyone seem to be getting along and all hell broke loose. Well!!! Odds are there was a Decepticon amongst you. People can't fake Who they truly are.... But for so long. Any unforseen applied pressure will make them transform into what and Who they truly are. Whenever they congregate, Confusion always follows because they can never move on one accord. Their Spirit is not right, they're faking the funk. Everyone wants to be the Cheif....(H.N.I.C)

Its a Spiritual War going on!!! Rather you are Aware or Unaware, Really does not matter. Because at this point it's about Survival. The Decepticons..... Do not play fair, they can, and they will transform into what they think that you need, when they think that you need it. . But it's not what you need. That is why you must know Yourself. Trust GOD to reveal the Spirits and Demons that are around us everyday. The Battle is Not Ours Family.... GOD has it all under control. I felt like Family a Pow-Wow was in order to make you fully aware of a Growing eminent threat. Stay on your feet and keep your eyes peeled. Most Importantly, Keep your Heart clean. No weapon formed against us will prosper. In the name of the Most High GOD... Jesus Christ!!! The Decepticons and their minions have No Real Power.... Unless you allow them to trick you. The Devil is a LIAR!!

Family..... We're the Autobots of the world. We bare a Great Responsibility to Always try to do what is right. Not because we can be seen doing it.... Simply just because it is what is Right!!! We Hold Ourselves to a Higher Standard. That doesn't mean that often times we will not Fall Short, but our Hearts will be in the Right Place. GOD judges Us All by what we Harbor in our Hearts. Let's make the Commitment that we shall Always reach to be a Living Example to set a Standard of Light. In a World full of Darkness.

"Be On the lookout for the Decepticons"

                           BY JAKI.

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