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Balance.... How does one find it? Introspection, isn't always an easy path to embark upon. You must have willpower, A strong sense of Inner Self (Self Love). Balance...Is it the ability to perform an amazing magical trick? Or was there always a Deeper Meaning, that we were meant to understand? Discipline!!!

You will undoubtedly go through a Metamorphosis internally to obtain and maintain Balance. Make no mistake about it... The Struggle is Real. So is the fear of the unknown, the willingness to put our shadow side in check, while we Nuture the softer side of our personalities, Must outweigh the fear and uncertainty.

Balance..... Wanting to reach a certain level of Maturity and Understanding that would allow you to combine the light and shadow side of our personalities. "Tame the Beast within". Separation, often times is a very painful process, but it is the only way to restore Balance. Balance....Is more important in so many ways that you may not be willing to believe. Balance.....Effects Everything..... even your equilibrium. Medically... If your Balance is off, You can't stand up straight. Imagine that!!!

Your sense of Balance being off on a Spiritual level, or even emotional level. The premise in which you use in your decision making process would be left to question. Simply because of the Trajectory of your thinking process being out of Balance. Never give up the pursuit to Meet the Challenge of being able to meet yourself in the middle and ultimately coming full circle. With True Balance..... You will begin to Glide....To the outside world you make what looks otherwise terrifying and next to Impossible... Easy!!! Almost Effortlessly. That is Not By Accident!! On the Contrary.... It is By the Grand Design. When you are Balanced on the inside, You will Undoubtedly Shine on the outside.




          BY JAKI .

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