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"Are you Listening?"                

Hello... Hello.... Hello!!!!

Can you hear me? You ask...I can hear you loud and clear.... You say, if you can hear why don't you respond. Are you listening? I'm screaming at the top of my voice. My heart has been screaming your name. Are you listening? I'm living outside of myself, trying to hold on to what little sanity I have left. Reminding myself daily that I am worthy to be loved. Traveling through distant unfamiliar lands; picking up strangers as I go along. They want something from me..... They've found a prize, not realizing I have nothing to give. Are you listening? My heart has been broken into pieces, but with all the strength that I have left, I gather myself as best as I can. I go on moving forward beaten and battered. With only my memories of yesterday to help keep me alive. Are you listening?

Believing in my heart that the day would come that you would find me. The One who captivates my mind, my heart, and protects my soul, is out of my reach. Still at night while the rest of the world sleeps, my mind wonders all over the Universe trying to find the heart that beats like mine. Because were connected. You told me that you loved me.... Don't you remember? We were happy, we were as one. I can feel your kiss, your touch. My mind is all I have to relive the passion, and ecstasy that I once knew..... Are you listening?

I stare in the mirror trying to convince myself that there has to be a rainbow at the end of this journey. I close my eyes and envision your lips touching mine, and the softness that followed your touch. The safety that I found in your arms. We belong together, we got separated somewhere along the way. You let go of my hand. We didn't realize that we could get trapped behind enemy lines. You looked for me, I looked for you. You are waiting on me to rescue you from a lonely existence.. Are you listening?

We're One of a kind, together we made a pair. There is a hunger inside of you that only I can fulfill. There is an emptiness, a sense of longing, only you make subside. You touch my face with the slightest touch of your hand. My heart leaps the ground and I fall in love all over again. Are you listening? I've been long since passed logic, every fiber of my being knows this is real. I have never hungered for anything in my life,. As I hunger for your touch.

I'm traveling in the darkness trying to find the missing pieces.... I'm lost, the landmarks are gone. There not where they use to be.. It seems so much has changed, the familiarity I once knew seems as though it escapes me now. I can hear your voice calling my name; Saying "Come to me" I just keep telling myself that if I could just follow the sound, I will find safety. Then my heart can finally be at peace. I will then have found the missing piece of me.                           

  "Are you listening??"                                                               


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Gregory Reese
Gregory Reese
Sep 25, 2022

God is good Thank you Lord


This is deep, touching, and makes me think about some things.

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