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When do you take Accountability? I pose the question, because on so many different levels, we all have a story to tell. I'm not trying to minimize the fact that we all have validated gripes on how we may feel that we were mistreated by someone. The fact that it has happened, Despite the fact of how unjust, and Unfair it was, it's really not up for debate.... It Happened!!!

When do you take Accountability? Are you wondering what I mean by saying that? I hope that you are, I am more than willing to explain it to you. Majority of the things that has happened throughout your lifetime, Are a direct result of decisions that you chose to make. More times than not, We as people tend to make a lot of decisions from a place of Pride and Ego.( It's hard to see past what you want).

When do you take Accountability? It is so easy to point the finger at what the other person May or May not have done. They were being Who they are. Did you stay because of love? Did you overlook the subtle signs? That maybe your heart may not be safe in this persons hands, But you figured that You could change the situation, If given the chance.

Then when things don't turn out the way that you thought that they should. Most people find themselves becoming bitter, Because they feel like they got played.... But the truth is.... When do you take Accountability? You saw the Red Flags and you chose to keep moving forward. You let your Pride and Ego get in the way. Maybe you are the type of person who likes to Win at all cost..

Until you can learn to Heal that within yourself First..... You will continue to lose. It's so easy to blame others, For what you choose to accept. When do you take Accountability? My intention is not to come down on anyone, Or to paint either side in a Bad light. My only intention is to bring an Awareness and Understanding that we bare the Responsibility of Governing Ourselves. At Best, We are GOD Fearing Human Beings. Everyone wants All the Beautiful things that life has to offer. Your Health, is truly your Greatest Wealth, Rather it is Spiritual, or Physical.

Internal Work, Requires you to hold Yourself Accountable. Because you understand that is the only way to Grow. The only way not to repeat the same mistakes....Is by Acknowledging what they are, Where did they Originate from? Your Healing has nothing to do with anyone else. When do you take Accountability? A lot of Baby Momma, Baby Daddy Drama would cease to exist, If people would be honest with themselves and take Accountability and stop playing the victim. In many Instances, Both sides refuses to take Accountability for the choices they chose to make of their own free will. 

Instead of addressing their Pride and Ego, and try to Wrangle that in, and Gain some control. Admit to yourself that you chose to Ignore the warning signs. You had to be the First to give him a son...To Hell with All of the other women that you already knew that he had. You thought that you would change him.

When do you take Accountability? The Harsh lesson to learn is, You Can Not change anyone. Just like No one else can change You. Real Change starts from the inside out, Not the outside In.

The same holds true for our Counterparts. Men, Hold resentment in your Hearts for the Mother of your children. You chose Her....To not only sleep with. You chose her to Procreate with. To Carry Your Seed... Your Lineage!!!! Does that still count for anything in your eyes? I know that many of you will say that it does.... But you would be telling a lie. Your only reason for saying it would be because it is politically correct. Because if any of it held true, How could you ever call the Mother of your child " A Bitch"?

When do you take Accountability? Instead you weaponize the children against each other. We all know the Horror Stories. He Ain't Shit ... That bitch won't let me see my son... And we Wonder why our Youth today is so out of control. We're showing them the Dysfunction and the Hate. Sadly, Most of them are learning it at home. When do you take Accountability? You are responsible for the choices and decisions that you make. Own Your Shit!!!.

Take Accountability.... You know what you had in mind with whatever decision you chose to make in life. Sometimes things Can, and Will work out just like you Hoped and Planned. Well sometimes the opposite holds true, and that's just life.

Imagine the narrowing of the odds when you call yourself trying to be slick. You threw caution to the wind..... And Crapped out!!!

Yes, It is A Bitter Pill to swallow.... But You Must.. You can't go around blaming everyone else for the risks that you chose to take, and it wasn't what you thought. You live and you learn. You learn not to be so Impetuous!!!! When do you take Accountability? It hurts to hold Yourself Accountable. You begin to realize that No one can do anything to you that you do not allow. You teach people how to treat you by what you allow.

When you take Accountability...... You Set the Standard for your life, That the World Will, and Must Respect.


                                                                                              By Jaki.

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