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"A Rainbow After The Storm"

"A Rainbow after the Storm"

When certain situations Erupt in our lives, and it feels like All Hell is breaking loose. Sometimes, it Actually is. GOD never said that there would not be storms in life. He promised.....A Rainbow after the Storm. No matter how challenging life may get, He will never put more on us than we can stand to bare. A Rainbow after the Storm..... A covenant between GOD and his children. Just as the rain falls from the sky, Often times the Raging Wind, and Supernatural force of water can leave Irreputable Damage in it's wake. No matter how bad it may rain. The Storm will not last forever, The sun does shine again. A Rainbow after the Storm..... Remember!!! When we were kids, after a Really Big Rain Storm. You could look on the ground and see a Rainbow after the Storm. GOD'S Promise Endures. When the challenges of life come, and they Surely will, and shake your sense of Balance. You look to the Heavens from which your help COMETH. A Rainbow after the Storm... A Gentle, but Stearn voice subtly whispers in your Spirit..... Peace Be Still!!! Everything is going to be just fine. I Am here.       

"A Rainbow after the Storm"

By Jaki

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