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Ground Zero!!!! Often times, isn't somewhere we would voluntarily want to find ourselves at. Which under certain circumstances that definitely would hold true. Sometimes, in certain situations there can be extenuating circumstances that would make the opposite hold equally true. Turning a negative into a positive. The ability to start at the beginning with a Heightened focal point, and enlightened vision will allow you the ability to Hit the ground running. You begin to realize that sometimes our Destinies lie beyond what we can visually see.

You can not be afraid to "SOAR".... and reach for your dreams. No one can control our Dreams or our Aspirations. When you believe in yourself the world will begin to believe too. SOAR.....To realize the endless possibilities of your potential. You know that you can do anything that you put your mind to. SOAR.... Birds fly free, with such confidence and grace. Because they know and understand that all of their needs will be met. God is a Great Provider!!! Just like them, we should be free to fly and not allow ourselves to become apprehensive, afraid to try new things. Stuck in Old mindsets, and ideologies that no longer inspire you to be your best.

SOAR..... Believe in yourself.... Take Flight... Unsure or Not. The wind beneath your wings (The Holy Spirit) will always navigate your course. Some of the best surprises and blessings occurred in your life when you just threw caution to the wind and took a Leap of Faith. SOAR.... Freedom bares its own reward.


                                                          BY JAKI.

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