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My Soul cries out to you, FATHER can you hear me? I come to you on bended knee to knell before your throne. Father, My heart and soul is heavy, the burdens of life are beginning to take it's toll on me. Heaven!!!! I'm going to need some help today. GOD.... Everything in this world belongs to you.... Just as you are the GOD who presides over the Heavens, Everything on earth will bow at your feet.

GOD.....Has the power to heal you from the inside out. There is no pain that GOD can't heal. You just have to take GOD where the pain is, and show Him where you buried it. I promise there is Power in the name of Jesus. Call on GOD!!!!

God's Spirit is Perfect, Missing Nothing. He knows what You need when you need it. Some of my most challenging obstacles in life...Were very painful.... But GOD!!!! If it had not been for the Love and Mercy of GOD, I would not be here today to tell you How Good GOD is.

Don't ever make the mistake of putting GOD inside of a box. He's omnipotent!!!!! He's Everywhere.. He will be Whatever you need Him to be, When you need it. God's love will help you to see that you really are stronger than you believe that you are. The Burdens of life can often times become a bit overwhelming. GOD... Is Here and He cares for you. Take All of your cares and burdens and lay them at his feet.

GOD...... Is a Healer, and a Great Comforter. He Can and Will Heal, and Nurture you in ways Man could never do. The Trials of life are never easy , Most would likely agree that it is Down Right Unfair. As I sit here with Tears in my eyes , writing the words on this paper. I'm Acutely aware of how much I have grown and how painful of a Journey it has been. It hurts to Grow """ Through each step of the way GOD will reveal that this Stage of life.... Is Not Without Purpose.

GOD.... Is the Author of the whole storyline. He wrote the Beginning, The Middle, And the Ending.... And Everything Else that Fall in the In-between. Our only responsibility is to "Follow Direction"and when it becomes Too much to handle, We learn to Let Go and Let GOD.

GOD.....I put All My Hope and Faith in You. When everything else fails.....As it surely will.... Because Nothing in this world is perfect!! But GOD!!!!!! He Can Never Fail!!! Heaven and Earth will Disappear before His Word Fails.... 

                                "Now that's the Power of GOD"...

                                                                                              By Jaki.

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This was good keep it up!!!

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